Influencer Spotlight: @trendychickadee

Molly Hogan @trendychickadee


Her instagram handle - @trendychickadee - is ever so fitting! The Southern California based, Molly Hogan, has a unique & beachy style which is evident in her blue themed instagram feed. Check out our interview with Molly below.


What are three words you would use to describe yourself?

Happy, determined, and free.

How long have you lived in Southern California?

Almost four years now!

What are your favorite spots in Southern California?

Basically all the beaches! Some of my favorites are… Point Dume in Malibu and Crescent Bay in Laguna Beach.

What are you favorite brands of the moment?

Stone Cold Fox, Blue Life, PAIGE, Matisse, and Majorelle.

What are your favorite things to do during the summer?

Beach days, Duffy boat rights, and flea markets!

What are your favorite FORAY looks at the moment?

I’m loving all the bright, flirty pieces for summer on FORAY right now!

How would you describe your personal style?

Carefree, easy, and feminine.

Where are your favorite photo spots?

In Venice, around Abbot Kinney and Malibu and Laguna beaches.

What is something unique about you?

Along with my blog, I’m a full time graphic designer!

How did you get into influencing?

I was living in a studio apartment while interning, and started messing around with my tripod! After posting my outfits for a few weeks, I started to gain followers and everything grew from there!

What are your favorite editing tricks?

Always always always play with color! I like to take out red / purple tones and bring up white / blue ones!

What is one aspect that makes your style stand out?

I think my color palette is very distinct! I love wearing colors inspired by the beach and the sky…tans, blues and whites!

If you could travel anywhere in the world where would you go, and why?

Bora Bora! It’s number one on my bucket list.

What do you think will be the biggest trend of the summer?

Too many to just choose one! Bucket Hats, Beaded Bags and platform sandals.